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Contact with authorities

Contact with authorities

Gholamali RakhshaniMehr

Hossein Jafari

Alireza Ghasemzadeh

Mohammad Mahmoudi

Position: CEO and Chief Executive Officer

Phone number: 05431137213


Position: vice president of sales and subscriber services

Phone number: 05431137197


Position: Assistant Human Resources

Phone number: 05431137203


Position: Deputy of Planning and Engineering

Phone number: 05431137216

Mohsen Bamirinejad

Mohammad Ali Mehrshad

Ahmad Ali Asghari Moghaddam


Position: Deputy Finance and Support

Phone number: 05431137201


Position: Manager of the Office of Supervision of Operations

 Phone number: 05431137212

Position: Director and secretary and director of the board of directors and director

Phone number: 054131137213


Davood Sarani

Masoud Nejad Abdollah

Mostafa Mehregan

Zakieh Ghodrati

Position: Electrical manager of Zahedan First Zone

Phone number: 05433250141

Address: Shariati Blvd - Intercession of Imam Khomeini and Mostafa Khomeini

Position: Electrical manager of Zahedan Second Zone

Phone number: 05433501016

Address: Tabatabai Street, Diesel Power Plant

Position: Director of Information and Communication Technology Office

Phone number: 05431137098


Position: Director of the Electricity Market Office

Phone number: 05431137234


Majid Rezvani

Ali Akbar Delavare

Maryam Bandaei

Shahrbanoo Mortazavi

Position: Director of Procurement and Contracts

Phone number: 05431137340


Address: Gorband Road, Central warehouse of Distribution Company

Position: Head of Procurement Department

Phone number: 05431137348


Address: Gorband Road, Central warehouse of Distribution Company

Position: Director of Dispatching and Electrical Emergencies

Phone number: 05431137278


Position: Managing Director

Phone number: 05431137113

Mahdi Shahbaki

Bahman Mahjoubi Asil

Maryam Saravani

Mohammad Reza Shabani

Position: Head of Public Accountancy

Phone number: 05431137111

Position: Director of the Common Services Supervision Bureau and Head of Consumers Management Group

Phone number: 05431137193

Position: Meneger of Staff and Welfare

Phone number: 05431137223

Position: Director of the Office of Safety and Waste Management

Phone number: 05431137221



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